1982/1983 The Daltons (mit Schludi): Can`t stop living alone

Der Flieger


Little Boy

Demo-Kassette The Daltons (1984):

It runs through your fingers

You was angry

Blow you a wheel

You`re the one


On the Table

Kassette The Daltons “On the table” (1984):

But time must come

Sitting with my fellows in the park

I got a light for you

Blear eyes

Elvis collected glasses

Winter song

I set me on the table


Little Boy 1

Kassette The Daltons “Little boy” (1987):

Leader of the riffraff

Stay until the end

It`s a golden Blechship

Blues child

One who kept the apple green


It`s adverse to failures

Little boy



CD The Ragmen “Waiting at the riverside” (1993):

Waiting at the riverside

As high as you can go

Put the old town under water

Walk on that ground

Child in your hand

Better than love

You got to get away

It strikes you down again

City lights

Just another dream


Going down

Kassette The Ragmen “Going down” (1996):

Forty times dead

This time has no feelings

There`s a draft

Still a ragged man

They`re only four blocks ahead

You came in on a truck

If my boat goes down



Demo Tape The Ragmen (2000):

The wild wild west

The wrong side again

You can`t see anybody

Something got to move



Demo Tape The Daltons (2011):

Back from jail

The wrong side again

A bad place to be

The wild wild west

Something got to move


Demo Tape B_Daltons (2016):

Ausfahrt mit Kadett


Black mail

Pretty girl


Planes in the sky (Bandcamp 2023):

Raspberry ice cream

Move over

I’m failed